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Co+op, welcome to the table represents National Co+op Grocer (NCG) food co-ops nationwide and their shared commitment to providing delicious, high quality, healthy food; supporting local, sustainable agriculture; and strengthening local communities. With 148 independent food co-ops and over 200 storefronts nationwide, NCG brings together a wealth of experience and passion for great food. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

If you're pregnant (congrats!), you've never had a better reason to eat healthy.
When your days are busy and time is short, prepared foods can offer a nutritious, delicious alternative to eating out.
Pesticides are undeniably good at what they’re designed to do: protect crops from damaging infestation and disease. But they also come with a health and environmental cost.
Child drinking a glass of milk
Do you know where your milk comes from? More and more people are interested in knowing about the origins of the foods they consume - including how it was produced.
Vegan Tacos Being Made
You don't have to spend a lot or make it complicated to create a delicious and environmentally friendly meal your guests will love.
Blueberry muffins made with frozen blueberries
Thanks to the frozen food aisle, there's a way to enjoy your favorite foods even when they're not in season. Homemade blueberry muffins in the winter? No problem!
Want to enjoy the most healthful food—like local, organic fruits and vegetables—year round? Preserving the bounty you've grown or purchased makes it possible.
It seems there are some deeply rooted self-preservation instincts at work that attract us to colorful foods.
If you have diabetes, a diet plan that supports your health is extremely important, but it needn’t be complicated or feel restrictive.
Short of raising your own chickens, how can you tell what's what when it comes to eggs?